The Sustainability For London community is made up of a number of subject matter expert from both Industry, Public and the educational sector. Our objective is to promote and deliver both vocational and research-based training to support the growth of sustainable technology skills within the London area. We are looking to train the next generation of practitioners and to convert the research capability being created by the strong educational base which exists within the London further education sector and the wider European and Great Britain research community, into the delivery of products and services which can be implemented within the Greater London area. A long-term objective is the creation and building of a sustainable technology sector within London, in the same way that digital has grown, with the objective of making London a recognised centre for sustainable technology.

Are there limits to growth in data traffic?: On time use, data generation and speed?

Interesting discussion paper from the University of Lancaster
By John Booth | August 29, 2016 | Education, Headlines, Research

Green IT Training

Education: We’ll soon be running a “Green IT” course,...
By John Booth | February 16, 2016 | Education