Over the last approximately 5 to 7 years several initiatives were established across Europe to enhance and stimulate the knowledge and adoption of Green IT. With many of the engaged parties operating both regional and international, those involved met and worked together on several occasions over time. Convinced of the benefits of these collaborations Green IT Amsterdam (Netherlands), Sustainability for London (United Kingdom), Green IT SIG (Switzerland) and Alliance Green IT (France) explored the possibility for a more structural approach which came together in a kick-off meeting on 4 April 2017.

As a result we have now established the Green IT Global network, with our main objective ‘to be the ecosystem of knowledge sharing on Green IT, and a driving force for innovation and sustainability’.




Across the globe, people’s lives are increasingly more connected to the digital world and this is likely to increase even more. ICT infrastructure has therefore undeniably become the 4th key infrastructure (next to road, water and energy) we all depend on for a thriving society. It also brings benefits such as being the enabler of both the energy and environmental transition.


ICT, buildings, transport, industry, the energy sector and more: the environmental impact of all can be significantly reduced and positive societal value created with the development and promotion of Green IT knowledge and solutions. We believe this needs a clear vision of where and how the Green IT sector can contribute and follow through with research, practical implementation and exchange of knowledge. By joining forces and sharing opportunities in addition to our individual initiatives we create a strong hub of Green IT expertise which can consolidate and amplify across countries, regions and sectors.


On 4 April 2017 all four founding organisations met at the Science Park campus in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of the main Green ICT and data center hubs in Europe and the Science Park campus has a thriving technology focus, hosts an award-winning Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES), and is home to one of our founding organisations, Green IT Amsterdam. In short, a well suited location for a first joint meeting, where everyone was welcomed by Green IT Amsterdam chairman, professor Anwar Osseyran. After a full day of brainstorming, exchanging ideas, we achieved agreement on the principles of the network and lay the foundations for our core objectives and key activities.


At 4 April meeting Amsterdam – Left to right: Niklaus Meyer (Green IT SIG – SIS); Esther van Bergen (Green IT Amsterdam); Thomas Mesplede (Alliance Green IT); Sarah Vowles (Green IT SIG – SIS); Alex Bardell (Sustainability for London); Julie Chenadec (Green IT Amsterdam); John Booth (Sustainability for London); Jaak Vlasveld (Green IT Amsterdam); Anwar Osseyran (Green IT Amsterdam)