Can you believe it, 2 years since we Launched Green IT Global and our inaugural meeting at Green IT Amsterdam. How things have changed over the last 2 years and we have delivered our Green IT assessment as well as creating the Green IT Barometer in both French and English.

This year we decided to go about our Seminar in a slightly different way. Being that this is a Green IT event can we arrive there with the smallest carbon footprint possible. I think that we managed quite well taking trains over aeroplanes where possible.

We are very sad that Niklaus Meyer from the Swiss Green IT SIG  has decided that the time has come for him to retire but I am sure that this is not the last we hear as he will still be contributing too green IT through his writing and we are all looking forward to the next instalment. We are so very pleased that Andreas Schlapfer will pick up the Green IT SIG baton going forwards

Our day by the Lakes of Zurich were very productive in shaping our approach for the next 12 months. There are so many things that Green IT must deliver against if we are going to tackle Climate change and there is a real emphasis on time, things must change now.

What were the highlights of this years seminar?

Ratification of the What’s up in Green IT 2018, our paper on what is happening in Green IT. Agreements for our update schedule – so expect an announcement soon as to when the next iteration will be made available.

Ratification of the Green IT Barometer, our self-service interactive questionnaire that companies can use to asses the suitability of their ICT estate. We have agreed the format and content of the questionnaire as it is now multi language. Once the survey is GA we will provide the link which will allow our users to asses their current capability.

Interactive demonstration of a Smart Carbon neutral house. A real-life case study presenting the challenges and benefits of transitioning a legacy domestic house to a 0-carbon footprint. It is a little trickier than installing PV on your roof and removing your gas boiler.

Presentation of our ongoing projects, where SFL presented our SME programme of Sustainability development. How we intend to help UK SME’s reduce their overall Carbon Footprint and help deliver against climate change mitigation.

Green IT Amsterdam presented their update of Datacentres in Amsterdam. AGIT presented Their Green IT Barometer

We all covered future projects where we would like to focus and where we feel that funding for our research programs could best be identified.

How we are going to harness social media and market the Green IT messaging to our wide community.

There are a number of great projects we are all looking forwards to working on over the coming 12 months and we are very keen to help both the suppliers and the consumers of compute services in their sustainability goals.