Individual Members

Sustainability For London offers individuals the opportunity to access our extensive repository of assets and our network of subject matter experts; industry members; stakeholders both within research; local government; national government and the wider European union community, who are focused on delivering both sustainable technology and technology driven sustainability.

As an organisation we have embarked on a number of research projects and are looking for like-minded individuals to join our organisation and help us develop and build capability within the Greater London area and beyond in the delivery of sustainable technology.

We are looking for like-minded individuals with a passion and drive to make a change and to be part of a new and innovative industry which is starting to grow within the London area.

If you feel that you want to be part of our community please follow the links and sign up today, we believe that by joining together we can share ideas and Sustainability For London will be the voice of the sustainability community as we try to make London the energy-efficient city that we voted our city parliament to deliver.