SFL was officially launched on 25th October 2016.

The event was combined with the BCS Green IT SG AGM.

The chair Bob Crooks, quickly got the formal AGM proceedings underway and moved to SFL business as soon as he could, the SFL launch programme started with a welcome note from the Chair of the BCS Green IT SG and then continued with a “background” address from the Executive Director of SFL Mr John Booth, he spoke of his frustration that Green IT activities undertaken by large corporate and government organisations were a good start, they did not go far enough and wonderedf why this would be?

Jaak Vlasveld was the key note speaker and gave a short but highly informative presentation on the activities of the Green IT Amsterdam organisation in the Netherlands.

John Booth then took over to provide his vision of SFL activities, which included being a repository of Green IT information, a source of independent advice and advocacy, organising and attending events, providing education and most importantly conducting independent research.

He then invited Alex Bardell to provide more information on the 5 key pillars.

We then took questions from the audience.


The presentation slide decks can be found launch-event-v3-0


So, there it is we’ve officially launched…