SFL are proud to announce that we have now recieved our official letter from the EU-JRC WL_CoC_Endorser_Sustainability for London

As an “endorser” we are required to “endorse” the best practices and principles of the code to all our members and we do this by providing the following services:

Repository – You will be able to find the latest “participant” form on a link below

Consultancy – If you need any assistance in preparing, submitting the form or any advice on the correct implementation you can use one of our consultants (dor a small fee)

Education/Events – We are running a number of EU Code of Conduct awareness courses at a training centre in Birmingham (We will publish the dates/prices etc shortly) and all our members and executive staff are knowledgeable about the code.

All the forms can be found here http://iet.jrc.ec.europa.eu/energyefficiency/ict-codes-conduct/data-centres-energy-efficiency

For participants, you will require the following 4 documents:

Introductory Guide v3.1.2,

Participant guidelines v2.0,

2016 Best Practices Guidelines v7.1.2

Reporting form 7.2