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The growth of knowledge and the sharing of ideas are fundamental to driving innovation. Our mission is to be the bridges between the dreams of the smart connected energy efficient city and the practical realities and engineering challenges of delivering and implementing those dreams.

Our approach to innovation is twofold, firstly we are looking to help develop and generate the next generation of technologies which will help support sustainability and sustainable innovation. Secondly we understand that the majority of our current capability already exists and therefore we should also focus on improving efficiency with existing legacy capabilities.

With our Partners both Business, academic, national and international we are constantly looking for funding. Be it through conventional research streams such as the EU Horizon2020 fund, Innovate UK or independent company members or non-members of SFL.

Our aim is to conduct world class research to ensure that London strives and remains the most innovative and sustainable city in the World.

We are currently working with EU partners to submit a proposal under the INTERREG funding stream.

Please contact us to find out more information on how you can help.

Our Research Articles

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