Who Is SFL

We are a member not-for-profit group, with a focus on providing practical real-world solutions within the sphere of sustainable ICT. Our jurisdiction covers sustainable ICT challenges found within, and associated with the Greater London area. Our remit includes technology as a consumer and technology as an enabler in a reduction of energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases.

Our organisation is built around five pillars of competency.

Repository – provision and sharing of information across our members and the wider community to promote sustainable ICT.

Advocacy – providing our knowledge and support in the promotion of sustainability

Education – delivery of sustainable ICT education as an enabler to build knowledge and grow the skills base within our sphere of influence

Events – organisation and delivery of events to promote collaboration between our members and the Greater London community in the development of sustainable ICT technologies

Research – promotion and delivery of research opportunities with the objective of furthering developing and growing the field of sustainable ICT